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Language revision services at the University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki employees, departments and administrative units are entitled to submit their texts written in a foreign language for revision at reduced rates. University of Helsinki postgraduate students may also have the language of their Licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations written in a foreign language revised at reduced rates.

Material accepted for revision from University of Helsinki units and employees include:

  • articles
  • abstracts
  • oral presentations
  • posters
  • conference programmes
  • examination questions
  • teaching materials
  • cover letters and letters of recommendation
  • CVs
  • University unit webpages, brochures, etc.
  • applications for research funding and similar applications

NB! University Services, the Centre for Information Technology and the Centre for Properties and Facilities may also have texts written in Swedish in these units and pertaining to administration and communication revised free of charge.

Postgraduate students may submit:

  • doctoral dissertations
  • licentiate theses

Language revision at Language Services

Language revisors

The revisors are native speakers of the language concerned, and all of them have their particular areas of expertise.

Time required for revision

The time required for the revision depends on the length of the text. Please allow at least a week for a text of approximately 10 pages.

It is recommended that the language of doctoral dissertations and Licentiate theses be revised after the preliminary examiners have submitted their statements. However, if you are pressed for time, the language revision can be done simultaneously with the preliminary examination or before submitting the manuscript for preliminary examination. Changes in the text, if any, will be checked separately. Please check with your own department or supervisor for the most recommended procedure.