Contact information

Language Centre:

Fabianinkatu 26 (classrooms, Study Office, administration)
or Vuorikatu 5 (teachers)
P.O.Box 4
00014 University of Helsinki


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In a nutshell

  • Eight language groups
    Pedagogical Support for Teaching and Learning Unit
    Administrative Unit
    Academic Affairs Unit
    Self-Access Centre
    Language Services
  • Elementary, intermediate and specialised courses in 15 languages
  • 10,000 students annually (degree students from different faculties)
  • 35,000 credits completed annually
  • 100 members of staff (excluding Language Services staff but including part-time teachers), of whom 60 full-time teachers Other staff 11
  • Overall budget approximately 8.5 million euros
  • Tuition is given all four campuses, but the main premises are situated in the centre campus.
  • Established in 1977 to provide language teaching in accordance with the degree requirements of all faculties at the University of Helsinki