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Language Centre Course Assistant Programme for International Students

This programme is for international exchange and degree students from all faculties of the University of Helsinki who are interested in language learning and are native speakers of one of the following languages: Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Swedish.

Participating in the programme does not require any previous linguistic or pedagogical studies, but the candidates are expected to be interested in language learning in general, willing to take part in various social activities connected with Language Centre courses and wanting to meet Finnish students.

Course assistants can be involved in various classroom and out-of-classroom activities e.g.: pronunciation practice and oral interaction in general, group work situations, being available for conversations with students enrolled in Language Center courses, acting as on-line tutors in Moodle, organizing and hosting language clubs, giving presentations about their home countries, culture and other suitable topics.

Assistants can get 1 - 3 ECTS credit(s) (1 credit is equivalent for ca 27 hours of work) and a a certificate for completing the programme.

Read more about this programme on Flamma (intranet) or on WebOodi (study guide) .

For more info, please ask Nina Sulonen.

Language courses

Language Centre courses suitable for non-Finnish speakers can be found here:
Instructions for Students

The Course descriptions and the selection of courses offered by the Language Centre are available online (WebOodi) for everyone to see. In order to register for courses online, students need a valid university user ID. However, international degree students and exchange students may receive information at the Language Centre helpdesk and register during the Welcome Fair.