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Language Studies and Services for International Students

Language Studies in Degrees

All university basic degrees include language studies: Finnish, Swedish and one or two other languages. These courses are usually arranged by the Language Centre.
The language studies and number of credits (ECTS) required of international students vary from faculty to faculty. Therefore, please check the language requirements of your faculty from the Faculty Study Affairs Office.

The University of Helsinki language requirements are defined in the Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004, Section 6 Language proficiency, pdf) in such a way that language studies will cover the student's special area of interest and facilitate working in an international environment after graduation.

In addition to obligatory courses Language Centre offers a large variety of courses at different levels in 15 languages. These courses are open for international students too. Course information can be found under the tab Language courses.

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Language studies for Exchange Students

Are you coming to study at the University of Helsinki as an exchange student and planning to take some language courses in addition to courses related to your own field of study? These web pages provide practical information about language courses that are suitable for non-Finnish speakers. You will be able to plan ahead your language studies and make your Learning Agreement. Course information can be found under the tab Language courses.

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