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About the Language Centre


The Language Centre's mission is to provide language courses which are required for the completion of degrees granted by faculties at the University of Helsinki. The requirements for these degrees include language courses in foreign languages, as well as courses in the national languages of Finland (Swedish and Finnish).

Every year, about 10,000 students attend either elective language courses or courses preparing them to meet the faculty-specific language requirement for their degrees. In addition, some 2-3,000 students complete the above language requirement by passing a placement test. The faculty-specific courses account for about half of all of the teaching offered by the Language Centre and the other half consists of a wide variety of courses ranging from elementary usage to highly specialised topics in academic discourse. These elective courses are open to students from all faculties. Specialized courses in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian are also on offer.

Degree students may incorporate courses or sets of courses in the seven main languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish) into a 15-25 credit module. The objective of the study modules is to enable the students of different faculties to acquire versatile and advanced skills in a language of their choice.

The Language Centre also provides courses for Helsinki University students in languages that are less frequently studied in Finland, such as Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Japanese and Portuguese.

The Language Services unit provides language revisions and translations of all kinds of texts including abstracts, annual reports, articles, brochures and theses.