Personnel 2015

Personnel changes

The following staff retired in 2015: Felicity Kjisik, university lecturer in English; Miia Hietaranta, lecturer in Spanish; Eija Hämäläinen, lecturer in Russian; and Jörgen Svensson, university instructor in Swedish.

The following persons were appointed to new permanent positions in 2015: Gonzalo Hernández Reyes, university instructor in Spanish; Saila Korvenranta and Carola Rewell-Heikkinen, university instructors in Swedish; Deborah Clarke, university instructor in English; Janne Niinivaara, coordinator; and Anni Rimminen, administrative secretary.

Awards and achievements

The University of Helsinki’s Russian society awarded the Jakov Grot award for the broad-minded promotion of diverse knowledge about and interest in Russia to Marjatta Alestalo, Eija Hämäläinen and Heidi Mäkäläinen, teachers of Russian at the University’s Language Centre. 

Jaana Fränti, the Language Centre’s head of administration, received the medal of the Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland on Independence Day, 6 December 2015.



Person years* 2014 2015
Teaching staff 85 82
Administrative staff 30 29
TOTAL 115 111

* Work contribution of all staff members in 2015.

The figures do not include freelance translators, language revisers and teachers working for the Language Services. Full-time language translators and revisers are included amongst the administration figures.