Publications and conferences 2014


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Conference participations supported by the Language Centre

Auvinen, L. EUROCALL 2014. Presentation: The importance of feedback in successful CALL project design.

Briody, M. Mapping Disciplinary History. Centers, Borderlands, and Shared Spaces in Folkloristic Thought. Presentation: A "Handmaiden" to International Scholarship. The Irish Folklore Commission and Research.

Härmänmaa, M. The Northeast Modern Language Association - NeMLA 2014 Convention. A paper entitled: "Gabriele D’Annunzio and the WWI Rhetoric of Heroism in ‘L’Ode pour la résurrection latine’".

Härmänmaa, M. The Northeast Modern Language Association - NeMLA 2014 Convention. Co-chair of the seminar:"Revisiting the Great War in 2014: War, Peace, and Disenchantment".

Karlsson, L. IATEFL Conference 2014 (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). Presentation: Watching our Words -Researching and Developing language Counselling (Co-presenter: F. Kjisik).

Kirla, S. Sociolinguistic Symposium 20.  Poster presentation: Sociolinguistics of language education in 2030? (Co-presenters: S. Kirla, T. Lehtonen, S. K. Pitkänen & S. Punkkinen).

Kjisik, F. 48th Annual Conference of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Presentation: Watching our words – developing and researching language counselling skills. Workshop (Co-presenter: L. Karlsson).

Kjisik, F. Independent Learning Association Conference. Presentation: Watch your words! Developing the skills of language counsellors in an autonomous learning context.

Manner-Kivipuro, J.  CercleS 2014. Presentation: Teaching development project - how did we grow professionally? (Co-presenter: C. Rewell).

Moncrief, R. TaCo 2014 Taboo II Conference. Presentation: Cursory Knowledge? - Attitudes and Judgments among English teachers and students on the perception and use of swearing and other types of "bad language".

Pitkänen, K. CercleS 2014. Presentation: Developing a modular approach to academic writing courses for English-medium Master's degree students (Co-presenters: C. Widmann Etchemaite, T. Lehtonen, M. Simeon, S. Amendolara, K. Vincent & R. Siddall).

Svinhufvud, K. 4th International Conference on Conversation Analysis ICCA-14. Presentation: Artifacts in study psychologist counselling encounters.

Svinhufvud, K. NorDisCo 2014. Presentation: Writing as a verbal, embodied, and material activity: Conversation Analysis and the study of writing.

Vaattovaara, J. Cercles 2014. Poster presentation: Becoming a multilingual expert by obtaining a bilingual degree at the University of Helsinki. (Co-presenters U. Fiilin & J. Jokinen).

Vaattovaara, J. Cercles 2014. Presentation: Encouraging research-based teaching development – what, how, and why? (Co-presenters: K. Pitkänen & T. Lehtonen).

Vaattovaara, J. Sociolinguistic Symposium 20. Poster presentation: Sociolinguistics of language education in 2030? (Co-presenters: S. Kirla, T. Lehtonen, S. K. Pitkänen, S. Punkkinen).

Vaattovaara, J. Sociolinguistics Symposium 20. Presentation: On the emergence of a folk linguistic fact - The historical roots of ’Helsinki s’ (Co-presenter: M. Halonen).

The above information has been taken from the University research database TUHAT. 

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