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Language Centre:

Fabianinkatu 26 (classrooms, Study Office, administration)
or Vuorikatu 5 (teachers)
P.O.Box 4
00014 University of Helsinki


Language Centre Student Services:

Opening hours:

TUE-WED 12 - 14

Exceptions in opening hours:

TUE 13.2.2018 10:0012:00


Study Affairs Office is closed

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The University of Helsinki Language Centre is the largest of the 13 university language centres in Finland. It was established in 1977 and is situated right in the heart of the City Centre Campus.

The Language Centre has a full-time staff of about 70, but also employs yearly some 30 part-time teachers. It is an independent institute and its operations are overseen by the Director and the Language Centre Board. The Language Centre caters for the language instruction of students from all faculties of the University, the number of course enrolments being around 10,000 annually.

Additionally, through its Language Services unit, the Language Centre offers training in more than 30 languages, language testing, translation and language revision to university personnel, public bodies, institutes, companies and individuals. The Language Services unit employs about 150 language professionals: over 70 Finnish and native teachers, translators and language revisors, and administrative staff.