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Group Facilities

All the Helsinki University Library sites have group facilities for students.

Rules of the group facilities

  • The group facilities are available for use during the library opening hours.
  • The group facilities can only be reserved by the students and staff of the University of Helsinki.
  • All group study rooms are reserved with the HU Office 365 calendar.
  • Reserving the facilities for teaching, public meetings etc. is not permitted. 
  • The facilities are for groups - you may not reserve the space for your personal use.
  • The maximum period for a reservation is 2 hours/group/day.
  • A reservation expires in 30 minutes if none of the members of the group has showed up.
  • You may use the space temporarily if it is not reserved. However, users who have made a reservation always take precedence.

Instructions for booking

  • Do the booking in your OWA (Outlook Web App) -calendar: helsinki.fi/office365
  • Reserving Group Facilities with Mobile Devices
  • You can book the meeting room when you send the meeting invitation.
  • Open the calendar. Double-click the day for which you want to make a booking.
  • Click add room on the right to add a meeting room.
  • Choose a suitable room from the drop-down menu.
  • Names of the library group study rooms are:
  • The room you have reserved will send an email to confirm or reject your reservation. Please note that the reservation is valid only after the group work room calendar has confirmed it. Always check the email sent by the group work room.
  • Your reservation will be rejected if it is too long (more than two hours), the reservation is outside the opening hours, or if someone else has made a reservation at the same time as you.
  • Spesific instructions for the Office365 calendar available on the Helpdesk website.

City Centre Campus

Main Library Kaisa House
The Main Library Kaisa House has 10 group study rooms which the students can reserve through the Office 365 calendar.

  • Group Study Room 4005, 5005 & 6005, max. 11 people
  • Group Study Room 4038a, 4038b, 4040a, 4040b, 4041, 4042 & 4043, max. 5 people.

There is also a chance to look at microfilms, listen to music, or scan images at the Kaisa House. UH external customers can read microfilms, but can not scan them. Read more about special work rooms and researcher lounges at the Kaisa House

Learning Centres Aleksandria and Minerva
Aleksandria's five group study rooms are located on the 3rd floor.

  • Group Study Room 329 & 333, max. 10 people
  • Group Study Room 330, 331 & 332, max. 6 people. 

Minerva has four ring-shaped group work areas and two group study rooms. The rings can be used without booking. The group study rooms may be booked through the Office 365 calendar.

  • Rings 1-4, max. 8 people  
  • Group Study Room K225, max. 8 people
  • Group Study Room K230, max. 12 people.

Read more about study facilities in Aleksandria and Minerva


The group study rooms and the computer class are located on the first floor. Unless reserved, the rooms are free to use.

Three group study rooms may be booked through the Office 365 calendar.

  • Group Study Room 1 G103c, max. 3 people
  • Group Study Room 2 G103g, max. 7 people
  • Group Study Room 3 G108d. max. 12 people


Meilahti Campus Library has two group study rooms which the students can reserve through the Office 365 calendar. There is also AV-equipped auditorium, and computer room which may be reserved for teaching and meetings.

  • Auditorium, 2nd floor, max. 30 people; overhead projector, slide projector, video projector + recorder, PC with file transfer capabilities
  • Computer room, 1st floor, 14 PCs, flip chart (very limited availability for reservation)
  • Group study rooms, 2nd floor, max. 6 people; overhead projector, flip chart.


There are group facilities of various sizes on the first, third and fourth floor of the library.

The facilities may be booked through the Office 365 calendar. All the group facilities have computers maintained by the University's IT Services. If you need a video projector, you can borrow it with your library card at customer service. You can also book a video projector through the Office 365 calendar.

A 24 hour reading room is located on the ground floor of the library building. It is open to students of the University of Helsinki around the clock. Use of the reading room on weekends or after 7 p.m. on weekdays requires a personal keycard.
The reading room can be used on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. without a keycard. Entrance via the lobby of the building.
To obtain a personal keycard, students must complete an application form and pay a deposit of EUR 17 at the service desk of the Viikki Campus Library.

Rules of the reading room

Viikki 24h reading area