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Equal access - Main Library

Main Library


The library’s accessible entrances are the main entrance on Fabianinkatu and the lift from either the Kaisaniemi metro station or Kaisaniemenkatu.

For assistance or guidance, please call the porter at 050 318 5411 or (09) 191 23265 (Aleksandria) or library information at (09) 191 23920.

Customer service facilities

There is wheelchair access throughout the customer service facilities. If necessary, personal service is available for people with disabilities.

Customer service staff use electric height-adjustable desks.

The self-issue and self-return machines are also at seat height, as is the Helka desk. The service area is located close to the entrance and has chairs for customers.

The customer service area and the large meeting room (7062) have an induction loop.

Tools and aids

A magnifying reading aid is available on the fifth floor of the library.


The building is fitted with “talking” lifts which tell you the floor you are on. The lifts also have floor level signs in Braille


There is a toilet for the disabled on each floor. The toilets provide for either left- or right-hand transfer, as indicated on signs. The toilets are situated in the same location on each floor.


Special attention has been paid to acoustics, and acoustic sheets have been installed on ceilings to contain noise.


Lights have been installed in the direction of shelves to minimise glare. They are fitted with motion detectors in the area of the shelves and the toilets.

Some working areas have separate reading lights.

The large windows and glass surfaces cause no reflection or glare.


The steps of the staircase are wide and can be climbed on both sides. A strip of dark colour on the front edge of each step adds contrast and makes the edge stand out.

Signs and information screens

Height, contrast and font types are used on signs to enhance clarity.

Information screens are used to provide information about library services and their location and accessibility.

The library has a visible and audible fire alarm system, and the staff are trained to aid people with disabilities in emergencies.

Connections to neighbouring buildings

The entrance floor features a connection to Fabianinkatu 32, the Aleksandria Learning Centre and the Hirvi (Elk) city block.


A parking space for the disabled is available on Fabianinkatu.

Transport connections

The Helsinki University Main Library is located in Kaisa House in the heart of the city within five minutes’ walking distance from the Central Railway Station.

The library has good transport connections: tram lines 6, 9 and 3B stop on Kaisaniemenkatu opposite Kaisa House, and metro users can access the library directly from the Kaisaniemi metro station or from Kaisaniemenkatu just outside the station. Several bus lines also serve the area, but stop a little further from the library.