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Equal access – Learning Centre Aleksandria


Aleksandria is located in Kaisaniemi; the street address is Fabianinkatu 28. You can visit the learning centre

  • through the courtyard on Fabianinkatu 26
  • through the entrance for physically disabled on Fabianinkatu 28  (see note below)
  • via the gateway between Vuorikatu 3 and 5 which leads to Fabianinkatu. This connection is usable on weekdays at 6.45-19.45.

There is one handicap parking space on Fabianinkatu and Vuorikatu. Physically disabled have own entrance to the Learning Centre Aleksandria. The door can be opened with a magnetic key which can be obtained in the same way as a night use key. Don´t forget to mention that you need a passage key for the handicap doors. The porters will help you to enter the building, tel. 02941 23265.

Facilities and equipment

Computers for students are located on 5 floors. You must have a user account for the Helsinki University network to be able to work on the computers. There are printers on each floor but only the printer on the ground floor is accessible with a wheelchair.

  • The User Accounts Service Desk is located on the first floor in room 132-133.
  • On the north end of the building there is a wheelchair accessible lift. The elevator reaches 1st floor, ground floor and the student lounge. The student lounge is accessible only with a night use key.
  • Disabled toilets are on the ground floor and also on 1st and 3rd floor.  

The porters can provide you with a portable induction loop.

Language Centre

In the Language Centre’s self-study facilities there is one space for disabled and a disabled toilet.