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Use a Computer

With the customer computers library users have access to the university's network services with University of Helsinki user account.

In all computer rooms of the university, you log on to the computers with your personal University of Helsinki user account. You are required to follow the terms of use for the IT Center when using the computers. The IT Center is also responsible for the maintenance of the computers. In case of IT problems, help is available from the IT Center's Helpdesk.

Use your own device

It is possible to use your own laptop at spaces reserved for that purpose in each library.

All libraries have the wireless HUPnet network of the University of Helsinki as well as the Eduroam network. A customer who does not have the University's personal user account can get a temporary account for the wireless network from the library's service desk. Own laptop is required.

ID point service is available in every library at their service desk. ID Point is an identification service which allows those in the university to use Helpdesk services requiring personal identification by telephone.