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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loans to University of Helsinki staff

Unless otherwise agreed upon, material ordered by the staff is delivered to the library.

Articles are only supplied in paper format, because the delivery of electronic documents would breach the Copyright Act. Article copies (not loans) are also supplied by Helsinki University libraries.

The request must state

  • the name, department/unit of the person making the request
  • email address, telephone
  • number billing information

Invoices for loan requests from staff of the Helsinki University and researchers using the Library’s services can be addressed to an individual department, laboratory or project. The payer must be indicated when placing the order. Orders will be invoiced according to the price list in effect at the time.

Interlibrary loans to other private customers

Students and other private individuals shall collect their interlibrary loans supplied by other libraries from one of the Helsinki University libraries. Unless otherwise indicated, interlibrary loans must be paid at collection.

Request for Interlibrary loan or Article copies

Interlibrary loan services of the National Library

Interlibrary loan services for other Libraries