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Interlibrary loan for Libraries

The Library delivers loans or copies of the collections to libraries outside Helsinki. Unfortunately we do not loan journals, short loans, reference books, archive material nor material from special collections.

Interlibrary loans are subject to a charge according to the library service price list.

How to make an interlibrary loan request


Interlibrary loan request

Please give the following information:
  • Your Library
  • name of the library
  • your client number, if you have one
  • address
  • billing address, if different from the above
  • phone number
  • e-mail address
  • fax number
  • order number, customer's name
The material You want to order
  • book: author, title, year of publication, edition, ISBN
  • article: name of the publication, year of publication, volume, number, pages, ISSN, author(s), name of the article
  • Additional information

Method of delivery

  • Your wishes:
    • Only original
    • copy, if material cannot be loaned
    • photocopy
  • When will Your order expire

Please be as specific as You can.

E-mail us for more information: library [at] helsinki.fi.

Please Note! If the book's Helka location starts with H or H2, please contact The National Library's interlibrary loan service.


Email: hulib-ill@helsinki.fi

Tel. 02 941 26665, Fax 09 241 0385