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Remote Access

University researchers, teachers, other personnel and students can access online materials acquired by the University of Helsinki libraries through remote access with an off-campus computer. A valid user account for a University computer system  permits online access to the electronic resources licensed by the Library. You can access the electronic resources from any computer at home or abroad.

Terms of use for e-resources

Remote access via the library's searching services links

You can access the electronic resources licensed by the Library with your web browser. The links to our e-resources in HELKA and the Search function on our website support remote access. By following these links and logging in you can access the e-resources of your choice.

Remote access is independent of your physical location or browser type. No changes need to be made to your browser’s settings, other than enabling the use of cookies, if requested. (Further instructions).

If some online material fails to function properly or differs from that on a university computer, try another remote-access option (see below) and/or send us feedback about the problem.

Remote access through VPN connection with Pulse Secure

Using a VPN connection will securely channel all the data traffic from the user’s computer through the university network. The VPN connection should be used especially in cases where the material requires special software or when the material is not working on SFX as it otherwise should when using a computer on campus.

VPN connections are managed by the University of Helsinki IT Department. More detailed instructions on remote access services are available on IT Department’s online helpdesk.