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Viikki Campus Library


Viikki Campus Library serves, in addition to the university staff and students, everyone who needs information about biological and environmental sciences, agriculture and forestry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

The library is located on the Viikki Campus in the Info Centre Korona.

HULib News for Viikki Campus

( 22.3.2019 / News )
The IT Center is updating Office 365 licenses, and, unfortunately, it seems that after the update, messages sent to a user will not get through, but are returned to the sender. This is resolved as soon as the user logs into his email account after the upd…
( 21.3.2019 / eResources )
        Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Linguistics  is available in the University of Helsinki network until the 19th of April 2019. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics is one of Oxford’s dynamic online encyclop…
( 19.3.2019 / Aleksandria )
Kaisa House Student Information is closed on Wednesday 20 March.  Chat will be open at 10-12. Library customer service on the 3rd floor will be open normally at 10-19.
( 18.3.2019 / Aleksandria )
The Helsinki University Library collects user statistics this and next week. Users will be counted and utilization rates calculated in all library locations. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
( 18.3.2019 / Aleksandria )
Join Gale Primary Sources workshop Thur 28rd of March and learn to use resources effectively. In the workshop you will receive a brief introduction into the archives, as well as tips on accessing and using them for your own research.

Training at Helsinki University Library

984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
99924, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Kaija Välimäki, 3.9.2018