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Learning Centre Minerva
Learning Centre Minerva

The Learning Center is divided into various working space areas. There are approximately 70 spaces for individual reading and working, and another 100 spaces in various group working facilities.

Group Working Facilities

There are four circle-shaped group working spaces, separated from one another with sound absorbing curtains. On top of this multipurpose space there are two group study rooms.

Reservations can be made for group study rooms K225 and K230 through Office365 calendar. Booking instructions via Helpdesk.

Computers and Wi-Fi

There are computers both in the open learning space and in the quiet reading room. To use a computer at the learning center, you need the university IT account.

You can use your own devices on all areas in the learning center. There are both University of Helsinki Wi-Fi HupNet and Eduroam networks available in the space.

IT Support

IT Support is available by phone, e-mail, and chat at University’s Helpdesk.

Learning and Working Space

Open space for learning, working and recreational purposes is located by the entrance. Room for quiet work is located at the back of the learning center.

Room for Quiet Work

24 spaces, some of which equipped with computers, for quiet reading and thesis work at the back of the space.

Storage Units for Research Material

There are 29 storage units on wheels for storage of material needed in research or thesis work. The units are located behind quiet working space and in room K224a. The units can be booked through Helka Library Database, please search with keyword ’gradukärry/minerva’.

News in Learning Centre Minerva

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