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Meilahti Campus Library

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The Meilahti Campus Library operates as a part of Terkko Health Hub.

Terkko Health Hub is a new meeting point for university students, researchers, doctors and other healthcare staff and companies operating in the field of health technology. In addition to the most comprehensive collections in medicine and health sciences and the expert information specialists, Terkko Health Hub provides working space, cafeteria and facilities for organizing diverse events.

HULib News for Meilahti Campus

( 14.2.2019 / Aleksandria )
There is a University wide service break in printing concerning university students and staff. The service break begins on Monday February 18th, at 6 pm. Multifunction printers will be back in use on Wednesday February 20th. During the service break you c…
( 1.2.2019 / Aleksandria )
Guidance Corner for Helsinki University students will open on the third floor of Kaisa House in February 4th, 2019. The Corner provides low threshold advice and guidance services for Helsinki university students on, for example, wellbeing, digital skills …
( 22.1.2019 / Dental Library )
Everybody can browse the information about the publications and research activities of the University of Helsinki researchers in a public portal. Through the research portal, one can get information about the experts, publications, projects and other acti…
( 16.1.2019 / Meilahti )
There is an exception to Terkko Health Hub’s opening hours on Friday 18th of January, 2019. Terkko Health Hub and the Meilahti Campus Library close already at 5 pm.
( 8.1.2019 / Aleksandria )
How to manage your research data effectively? How to define and describe research data and materials? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely? How to use DMPTuuli in research data management planning? These and other basic questio…

Training at Helsinki University Library

984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
99924, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Kaija Välimäki, 3.9.2018