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Kumpula Campus Library


The Kumpula Campus Library is a learning environment that offers information services in mathematics and natural sciences to students, teachers, and researchers, as well as to everyone who is interested in science.

The collections of the library include literature in the fields of science in the Kumpula Campus. From the library you can find, for example, textbooks according to the study requirements: in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, geography, geology, mathematics, meteorology, physics, seismology, and statistics.

Welcome to the refurbished Kumpula Campus Library

HULib News for Kumpula Campus

( 16.1.2019 / Meilahti )
There is an exception to Terkko Health Hub’s opening hours on Friday 18th of January, 2019. Terkko Health Hub and the Meilahti Campus Library close already at 5 pm.
( 14.1.2019 / News )
The Kaisa House’s overnight return machine has broken down and out of use from 14th until 18th of January 2019. You can return books outside of opening hours to both Kumpula and Viikki Campus Libraries. Due dates from Monday until Friday will be tra…
( 9.1.2019 / eResources )
The Helsinki University Library had an trial on Routledge Historical Resources online: History of Economic Thought last year. Now this resource has been purchased. History of Economic Thought is an online platform that brings together the best and most re…
( 8.1.2019 / Aleksandria )
How to manage your research data effectively? How to define and describe research data and materials? How to make them openly available and where to store them safely? How to use DMPTuuli in research data management planning? These and other basic questio…
( 4.1.2019 / eResources )
At the beginning of the year 2019 you will find MLA -database in EBSCO´s platform among Literature Databases. Feedback you can write to e-library@helsinki.fi  

Training at Helsinki University Library

984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2018
99924, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Kaija Välimäki, 3.9.2018