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Where to Publish?

Evaluating publishing channels

Are you trying to decide where to publish? To which journal should you submit your manuscript? Every field has journals that "everybody” finds to be of high quality. This is part of the tacit knowledge of the field. Academic communities have also developed different ranking lists for journals.

Impact Factor

Impact factors (IF) are statistics derived from the Web of Science database and updated by the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports®(JCR®). They measure the popularity and prestige of different journals within the database.

Calculating the impact factor

Impact factors are based on how many times journals (i.e., articles in those journals) in the Web of Science database cite other journals (i.e., articles in those journals) in the same database. Impact factors can be calculated over, for example, a period of two or five years. They should not be used exclusively to evaluate the quality and impact of different journals.

Further information: The Thomson Reuters Impact Factor by Eugene Garfield

Publication Forum

The Publication Forum classifies scientific journals, conference proceedings, periodicals and publishing houses based on their quality. Journals and periodicals are classified into 1) basic, 2) leading and 3) top level publications.Publishing houses are classified into levels 1 and 2.

The classifications are re-evaluated every three years. The next evaluation takes place in 2014.  New scientific journals can be added to level 1 once every year.

Further information on the Publication Forum project