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Visibility of Research


Bibliometrics uses quantitative methods to study scientific literature.  In practice, these methods include citation analyses of publications, Hirsch indices, journal impact factors and other research assessment indicators pertaining to publications.

Citation analyses are conducted in the Web of Science and Scopus databases as well as Google Scholar using the Publish or Perish analysis software. For further information and to order metrics analyses, please contact: metrics-info [at] helsinki.fi.

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Altmetrics is another method for assessing articles, books or other research-based works. Altmetrics monitors the number of citations, tweets, or likes that a given book or article receives, as well as the number of times it is shared, bookmarked, accessed, downloaded, mentioned, recommended, reviewed or discussed.

These figures are collected from a large number of publicly available online services including, for example, open access journals, reference databases, research visibility services and social media. Research visibility services include, among others., ORCIDResearcherIDGoogle ScholarAcademiaEdu and Mendeley

The metrics process helps to disseminate information on publications to different online services and social media. This process utilises visibility services such as Kudos, PlumX and Altmetric that ensure optimal visibility for the published articles of researchers at the University. 

Guidance on research visibility and using altmetrics: