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984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2017
984014, Muut opinnot, Verkkokurssi, , 1.8.2017
984011, Tohtorin tutkinto, Kurssi, Marja-Leena Koivula, Mikko Ojanen, 17.10.2017
99924, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Kaija Välimäki, 23.10.2017
98510, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Valtteri Vainikka, 27.10.2017
99924, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Kaija Välimäki, 30.10.2017
98510, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Taina Kettunen, 30.10.2017
99910, Muut opinnot, Harjoitusryhmä, Päivi Helminen, 1.11.2017

Examples of regularly occurring courses that are open to all.

Information Seeking Workshop
  • Introduction to the Information Resources at the University of Helsinki
  • The workshop is in English and Finnish
  • Come and ask about library services and the usage of information services. You can ask, for example
    • How can I use the electronic resources in the University?
    • What subject services are available and where can I find them?
    • What is reference management software?
  • No preregistration is needed.
  • If you have a laptop, bring it along!
  • The workshop is held once a week during terms.
RefWorks Reference Management
  • The course suits well needs of students starting their Bachelor's or Master's seminar.
  • Import references from reference databases and electronic journals
  • Create own personal database
  • Use references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography.
Information retrieval (Humanities and Social Sciences/ Life and Natural Sciences)
  • Review of basic information retrieval methods.
  • International databases, such as Scopus, Web of Science, Academic Search Complete or ProQuest databases
  • For students working on their theses or for other users (including researchers) who need to update their basic information retrieval skills