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Study Circles

Study circle is a small group of students who gather regularly to handle a certain subject. Main starting point is a desire among the students to form a group which studies together within its own interests and wishes. It is important that everyone in the group is committed and interested in achieving the goals that the group has set.

A group can have a tutor who shares an interest in the subject matter, e.g.  an older student, graduate student or teacher, even though the study circle has been created independently by the students.

Within a small group it is safe to talk and express opinions. Talking and explaining is important to the learning process and helps to understand new ideas. The group work can also include blogs, videos or posters.

Helsinki University Library has created a platform on the wikiservice for study circles. Its tips are available without logging in to wiki. The group can also order a copy of the platform, which is recommendable.

Go ahead and create a study circle of your own and order the platform for your group at Study circle wiki.