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Searching Collections

Choosing the right source of information

The Helsinki University Library offers various information sources: books, journals, reference books, dictionaries and databases.The library acquires literature from the fields of the UH.


The search bar on the website is designed to operate with keywords.

A word or two of the title of the searched publication and the author's last name should give good hits. For example, searchterm "management" as a general term will give you a lot of hits, but combined with the author's family name ”management Yin”, the first two matches in the results are likely to be the publication required. 

You cannot search for a particular field in the metadata, but the given search terms search in all the fields. The relevance of a search result is determined by weighting the relationships of search terms. For example, the search term found in the name of a book is more important than the hits in the executive summary. 

Other instructions

Words are combined with AND operator by default. Search "study type" is equivalent to "study AND type".

You can use OR operator in the search. For example, "study OR type".

You can use the asterisk (*) to truncate the search term. For example, "study *" will result hits that begin with study..

If you want to search for a specific phrase, enclose it in quotes. For example, "the European Union". 

What data does the search function cover?

The search function currently covers the data in the following library systems:

  • HELKA: Helka is the library catalogue of several scientific libraries in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Helka has reference to over 3.2 million publications;  books, magazines, series of publications, thesis and multimedia materials.  A part of the material is restricted to institutional use at the University of Helsinki.

  • HELDA Digital Repository: Helda is the digital archive of the University of Helsinki. In Helda you can find publications and data produced by the university reasearchers, e.g. research articles, publication series, as well as educational and research materials produced by a faculty. The open access articles by university’s researchers are also stored in Helda.

Browse Databases

You can browse databases by subject and then continue the search in the database that suits your needs.

HELKA Library Catalogue

The local collections of the Campus Libraries and e-materials are cataloged in the HELKA database. In Helka you can check the availability of books and also make subject based searches.