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Electronic Resources

The electronic collections of the Library include more than 30 000 e-journals, over 500 000 e-books, hundreds of dictionaries and reference works and over 300 reference and fulltext databases. Our electronic collections are available for the staff and the students of the University of Helsinki also remotely and to walk-in customers in the library premises.

Frequently asked questions about how to use the Library’s e-collections

Who can use electronic resources?

The electronic resources of the library (databases, electronic journals, ebooks, etc.) are usually licensed only to the staff and students of the University. Therefore they cannot be accessed on computers outside the University network without using the remote access function.

Students and staff of the University may access the University network remotely by signing in with their University user ID. [Read more on remote access!]

However, most electronic resources are available to all users within the library premises. Non-University customers who bring their personal devices to the library can ask for a temporary user ID from the customer service desk to access e-materials.  The different library units also have special work stations where users can get access without a University user ID.

How do I find the e-collections of the library?

You can search for the library’s electronic resources (databases, electronic journals, ebooks, etc.) using the same search functions in Helka as for the printed collections. You can search for all electronic materials using the Search Library Resources function on the Library website.

Article Search includes online links to e.g. numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies, articles and ebooks.

What are the conditions or restrictions on use of e-materials?

In general you are allowed to print and save a reasonable amount of search results or excerpts and parts of the materials for personal (i.e. non-commercial) use, and email, mail or fax a copy to another person for his or her personal use.

Using the material or parts of it for commercial purposes or downloading material by using robots or other automatic processes is prohibited. Read more more on the terms of use for electronic resources

Which devices  and what kind of software do I need when using e-materials?

You can access the electronic resources of the Library with most commonly used devices and browsers. Further information on technical requirements can be found on the respective websites of different services.  You need reader software to access electronic journals and articles, which are often in PDF format.

Find more information about the use e-books in the Library’s ebook guide.

Where do I find user instructions?