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Viikki Campus Library's collections


Helsinki University Library acquires both print and ebooks. You can access the ebooks through the library homepage (Search library resources). Some of the ebooks are available through the BookNavigator. Book locations are indicated in the Helka database.

Journals and series

The Helsinki University Library has acquired a number of printed and electronic journals. You can access these journals through the library homepage (Search library resources). 

The Viikki Campus Library receives approximately 2,800 periodicals. Of these, 770 are purchased outright, and 2,000 titles are received as donations or exchanges, with the Finnish Exchange Centre for Scientific Literature accounting for about 1,800 of the latter. 

Course books

Location: Hb Kurssikirjat
The coursebook (set book) collection contains books that are part of the examination requirements for Viikki Campus degrees. The books are acquired on an as-needed basis. Submit an acquisition suggestion if you notice that a title is missing.  

Coursebooks for lending are shelved near the service point on the second floor. Coursebooks available for short loans are located on the second floor behind the regular lending copies. 


For example, Location: Hb Kirjat 631
Monographs from the library’s general collection are located on the fourth floor and shelved according to the UDK classification system. 

The Library’s books are obtained through acquisitions or donations.


For example, Location: Hb Opinnäytteet
Master’s theses and advanced studies papers approved by Viikki Campus faculties are added to the library’s collections if the relevant department has decided on this. For some theses, only the abstract is available. Theses are located on the fourth floor.  

Campus dissertations are included in the collections either as independent works (monographs) or as parts of series in the periodicals collections. See below for information on E-thesis services.

Doctoral dissertations completed abroad

For example, Location: Hb Ulkomaiset väitöskirjat
Foreign, mainly Nordic dissertations related to the fields represented at the Viikki Campus, are located on the fourth floor. Dissertations can be found in series (Hb Series) as well as in book form (Hb Books). You can check the Helka database to see whether a particular publication is in the library.

Special collections

For example, Location: Hb Erikoiskokoelma Farmasia
The Campus Library’s special collections contain older materials from Finland and abroad. Not every book has been listed in the Helka database. The books may not be borrowed.
For more information, please ask the librarian in charge of the subject field.

Electronic collections

Location on Helka: Hb EL

  • The Helda publication archive comprises scientific literature produced at the University, articles, reports, book chapters and other materials produced on the Viikki Campus.  
  • E-thesis service contains digital versions of Viikki Campus dissertations as well as Master’s and other theses, examinations, research and advance studies papers.  
  • E-book collection comprises hundreds of publications in the subject fields of the library.
    You can access the ebooks through the library homepage (Search library resources). Some of the ebooks are available through the BookNavigator.


For example, Location: Handbooks 664
Handbooks are located on the second-floor shelves after the coursebooks (set books). Handbooks have a red mark on the book spine. 


Journals are regularly appearing periodicals containing several articles on the same theme. The journals of the Campus Library collection have been chosen according to users’ suggestions. The goal is to acquire all of the international periodicals that are important for the subject fields of the library.  


Serial publications (i.e., works included in a bound or book series) are self-contained independent works in terms of their content that are published at irregular intervals, but under the same series title, such as Methods in Enzymology.   

A series work may include broad topical reviews, conference papers and/or individual dissertations. Information about series – and often information about individual parts of series – can be found in the Helka database by using the keyword of the series title.

The location of periodicals (journals and series) in the library
  • The “New journals” area on the third floor maintains a collection of current issues.  
  • Journals and series since 1995 are located on the third floor in alphabetical order according to the first word in the journal title.  
  • Journal and series until 1995 are located on the first floor (i.e. the ground floor). They are also organised alphabetically according to the first word of the journal title.  

You can also check the HELKA database to see whether the Library receives a particular journal or series, and if so, where it is located. Journals may not be borrowed. The lending period for parts of series is 28 days.