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BrowZine - Browsing Electronic Journals

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BrowZine e-journal service

Helsinki University Library's journals collections can be accessed at BrowZine.

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a user interface, or a virtual bookshelf, for browsing the e-journals to which the University of Helsinki has subscribed.

With BrowZine, you can browse thematically organised e-journals subscribed by the Helsinki University Library. You can search for journals by name, leaf through their content and easily share references with students.

Why search for information using BrowZine instead of Helka?

BrowZine provides the opportunity to browse journals grouped into thematic categories, making it easy to page through the journals of your field at one go. The BrowZine user interface offers a visual overview of journals.

Journals available on BrowZine

Can all of the digital journals available to the University of Helsinki be read on BrowZine?

Yes. All of the digital journals available to the University of Helsinki can be read on BrowZine.

Are journals available in printed form in the library also available on BrowZine?

No. BrowZine only contains e-journals. Printed journals are available through Helka, which can also be used to search for e-journals.

Are open access journals available on BrowZine?

There are also open access journals available on BrowZine.

Are full texts always available through BrowZine or are only abstracts available for certain articles?

Not always. For example, if a licensing agreement restricts access to a journal only to issues published at least a year ago, there is no access to the issues published during the previous year. 

Access to journals is always dependent on a valid licence.

Why do the latest articles in a journal not always open?

The library’s subscription to the journal in question has expired. Only the previous volumes included in the subscription are accessible.

Can I search for individual articles on BrowZine?

BrowZine does not include an article search function. Articles can be searched in Helka.

Why does the BrowZine search occasionally take me to Helka?

If you are searching for a journal published before 2005, the search will be automatically transferred to Helka. The same applies to journals for which the library has no subscription.

BrowZine functions 

Why should I create a BrowZine account?

By creating an account, you will gain access to My Bookshelf, a personal electronic bookshelf where you can store your favourite journals and articles. Your account also allows you to keep the bookshelf in sync with various devices, making it mobile.

Can I request notifications in BrowZine?

You can request notifications of new issues of the journals in your bookshelf becoming available.

What is the difference between My Bookshelf and My Articles?

My Bookshelf stores your favourite journals, My Articles your favourite articles.

How many journals can I add to My Bookshelf?

You can add as many as 64 journals in four different categories.

Can I download or store an article found on BrowZine on my personal device?

You can store articles on any device in PDF format.

BrowZine remote use

Can BrowZine be accessed remotely?

Remote access requires logging in with a University of Helsinki username and password (through Helka) or through a VPN connection. If you wish to log in to BrowZine, please see the next section.

Is BrowZine also available outside the University network? Can I share links outside the organisation?

Remote access to BrowZine is possible by using a University of Helsinki username and password. Without a username and password, only article references will be accessible.

Can all of the library’s e-journals be accessed using the BrowZine mobile application?

The mobile application includes the same journals as the desktop version.

Where can I upload the BrowZine mobile application?

The BrowZine application can be uploaded free of charge from Google Play and AppStore.

Further information

BrowZine Knowledge Base and FAQ

If you encounter problems, please contact e-library@helsinki.fi