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Open Access


Open Access publications

Open access publications can be read, copied, printed, linked and used online without limitations and free of charge. You can make your publication openly available by publishing it in an open access journal or by paying a fee for your article to appear in a fee-based journal.

A comprehensive list of open access publications can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). In addition, you can also consult the Publication Forum classifications or the impact factor listings on the Web of Science to learn which open access publications are reliable and of high quality.

Library´s Open Access-guide offers researchers practical information about self-archiving, open access repositories and Open access publishing in general. From the Guide you can also find information about discounts on APCs and BPCs library has negotiated.

Open access repositories

Open access repositories are databases containing data that is openly accessible, downloadable and printable. Scientific articles and other materials can be stored in a research organisation-specific or field-specific publication repository.

Funding providers’ requirements

Several research funding providers require that research results be published in accordance with open access principles. You can consult the Sherpa/Juliet service to see your funder’s policy on open access publishing.

Further information is available from the Library: