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Alternative Access

An organisation must have a subscription to an e-journal or e-journal package so that its users can read scholarly articles that are behind a paywall. Subscriptions to journal packages are expensive, and the costs arising from them have increased substantially over the last few years. This means that Finnish organisations have not been able to obtain access to all scholarly journals.

Ongoing Negotiations

The FinELib consortium negotiates e-resource license agreements for the Finnish scholarly community including Helsinki University Library. Current agreements that grant access to electronic journals by Taylor & Francis and Wiley expired at the end of 2018.

Negotiations between the FinELib consortium and Taylor & Francis ended with no positive results. The end of the negotiations means that access to Taylor & Francis journals terminated on 1 February 2019.

The researchers will continue to have access to part of the journals according to the post-termination terms in the current agreement even if the publishers will not give access to new subscription-based content.

The 2018 agreement between FinELib and Wiley will be extended until the end of 2019 under current terms and journal contents.

What to do if you don´t have access to a scholarly article

  • You can search for an article in the following open access services:





Google Scholar


  • You can install a browser extension or a plug-in to facilitate finding articles which are open access.



Google Scholar Button

Lazy Scholar


  • Ask directly from the author

Additional Information

You can read more about ongoing licensing negotiations on FinELib consortia's website. FinELib has published the most frequently asked questions with answers.