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Information Services

How do I get started on acquiring sources? What kinds of printed and electronic materials are available? How do I use individual databases? How do I manage source material sensibly?

Are you looking for information or sources of information but do not know where to start? The library provides guidance sessions in which some of the most commonly asked questions are answered.

Check the training schedule if there is a training suitable for you available in the near future or come visit the library.

There are general guidelines on how to get started on the library's website.

More detailed information about information seeking can be found in the study material for the Student's digital services and other self-learning materials.

Information seeking workshop

If you need help with information seeking, come to information seeking workshop. Just drop in and ask or stay longer making your information searches. Individual guidance is provided on a first come, first served basis. Workshop is targeted for Helsinki University students and staff. No preregistration is needed. You can bring your laptop along with you. Check the schedule.

Personal guidance

The Helsinki University Library offers personal guidance in information seeking for doctoral candidates and staff of the University of Helsinki in the following matters:

  •  the use of basic information sources,
  •  matters concerning the information retrieval section of the ICT Driver's Licence,
  •  more demanding information retrieval, particularly with questions related to electronic resources.

Book a guidance session that lasts about an hour and specify what you would want help with. Make the booking at least a week ahead. We can either give guidance in the library facilities or come to your office at the university.

Booking form for guidance in information seeking

Group guidance

During semesters you can also book a guidance time for your own small group. Make the booking at least a week ahead.

Ask an information specialist or contact your own study subject's contact person who will forward your question further if necessary.