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Book donations

The Library welcomes donated material and exchanges of publications that enhance the collections supporting the University's teaching, research and studying needs.

Donations are accepted on the same terms as those used for purchasing new material. The Library makes all necessary decisions as to the retention, location and cataloguing of the donated material and exchanges.

When considering the acceptance of donations the following factors are taken into account:

  • The relevance of the material to the research objectives of the University
  • The relevance of the material to the Library’s collections and to the discipline-specific acquisition policies
  • The condition of the material and possible restoration expenses
  • The resulting cost of storage and processing

Generally, a written contract will be drafted with the donor concerning the storing and use (including possible restrictions) of the donated material. Donated material becomes the property of the University of Helsinki.

If donated material is determined to be outside the scope of the Library’s collection, it will be sent to the Repository Library or discarded.

Should you be interested in donating a specific collection of works to the University Library, contact the librarians responsible for the collections of the campus libraries.

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