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Rent Library Facilities

Renting Library Meeting Rooms

Renting Meeting Rooms

Helsinki University Library offers some of its facilities for rent for scientific communities as well as public and non-profit organizations, associations and non-governmental groups.

The facilities cannot be rented for political parties or religious events. The library premises cannot be used for commercial activities competing with the university (trainings, seminars, training courses with charged fee etc.).

Meeting rooms and Group Work Facilities

Kaisa House (Fabianinkatu 30) has two meeting rooms for hire:

For more information

  • Rental fee is charged for the meeting rooms. See price list for details.
  • The event organizers are responsible for any marketing material needed and produced.
  • Library can provide, if necessary, a place for a poster in the library, as well as portable bulletin boards (sizes A4 and A3) on the day of the event. The use of library's info TV will be priced separately.
  • To book a room, contact library by e-mail: hulib-tilavaraukset [at] helsinki.fi
  • For more information, please contact: hulib-tilavaraukset [at] helsinki.fi