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Työvoiman määrällinen ja laadullinen tarve kirjastoalalla 2008–2010
the quantitative and qualitative demand for workforce in the library field 2008–2010
Kaisa Luoma. Helsinki 2011.
ISBN: 978-952-10-7049-5

The demand for workforce in the library field is a topical question both for public and scientific libraries. Kaisa Luoma's account on the matter explains the situation in the workforce questions of the library field in recent years through examining labour statistics and job advertisements. The account also raises new questions to think about regarding staff decisions in libraries in the future.

Rajapinnassa – Uusi Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto.
at the interface – the new Helsinki University Library
Eds. Kaisa Sinikara & al. Helsinki 2010, Yliopistopaino.

ISBN 978-952-10-6125-7 (paperback)

You can purchase the book at the price of €35 (including VAT)