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Helsinki University Library is active in many national and international development projects. Currently running projects, in which Helsinki University Library functions as co-ordinator or partner, are presented below.

OpenAIREplus (2nd Generation of Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe)
Project period: 2011–2014

Target: The project follows the OpenAIRE project that ended in 2011, the goal of which was to enable open access to scientific articles that have born from research funded by the EU. The aim of OpenAIREplus is that also the research data which the results published in the article is based on can be linked to these peer reviewed articles.

Participants: University of Athens (project co-ordination), Göttingen State and University Library (Scientific co-ordination) and CNR/ISTI (Institute of the National Research Council of Italy) (technical co-ordination). In addition to these parties 41 European countries are involved. Helsinki University Library represents Finland.

Person in charge: Pauli Assinen (pauli.assinen [at] helsinki.fi)

Funding: EU FP7

Further information: Press release

Digital Library & Library Automation Services

Porject Period: 11/2015-31.12.2017

Target: To develop library services in Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT) and support cooperation between Eritrean HEI libraries

Partners: Helsinki University Libarary and  Eritrean Institute of Technology.

Further information: Päivi Helminen, paivi.helminen(at)helsinki.fi ja Pauli Assinen, pauli.assinen(at)helsinki.fi
                                   Blog: Eritrea HEI ICI - Digital Library Project

Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (EDUFI), Eritrea Specific HEI ICI Program