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Kilpisjärvi Biological Station

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Kilpisjärvi Biological Station
Käsivarrentie 14622
FIN-99490 Kilpisjärvi
phone +358-294140340
bio-kilpis (at)

Office in Helsinki:
Kilpisjärvi Biological Station/
Antero Järvinen
P.O. Box 17 (Arkadiankatu 7)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
puh.+ 358-( 0)40-5034473
antero.jarvinen (at)

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The Kilpisjärvi Village

More information on the Village can be found from these slides (Ppt-files, 11, 870 kB)


-First mention in history books in 1628


-Part of the Enonteki's commun (founded in 1877)


-Less than 90 (in Enontekiö's commun 2145)
-36 000 tourists yearly (2002)


-First building in 1916
-Retkeilymaja 1937, Retkeilyhotelli 1948
-Road to Kilpisjärvi in the end of the 2nd world war
-Biological Station in 1964


-January mean temperature -13,6°C
-July mean temperature +10,9°C
-Yearly mean temperature -2,3°C
-Yearly precipitation 459 mm.
-Length of the growing season c. 101 days