Contact Information

Department of Chemistry
Laboratory for instruction in Swedish
University of Helsinki
A.I. Virtasen aukio 1
P.O. Box 55
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Head of the lab
Prof. Dage Sundholm
Tel. +358-(0)2941 50176
email sundholm(at)
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There are currently two research groups that are active at the laboratory for instruction in Swedish.

Quantuml chemistry

The research group concentrates on electronic structure calculations in molecular systems using a large variety of programs and methods. Both imported programs like ACES II/Cfour, Dalton, Dirac, Gamess, Gaussian, LUCIA, MOLCAS, Molpro, ADF, and Turbomole as well as locally developed programs are used.

Person in charge: Prof. Dage Sundholm


Bioanalytical research

Our research is focused on interactions between lipid membranes and analytes, as well as on physicochemical characterization of surfactant systems. The main instrumental techniques are capillary electromigration techniques and various microscopic techniques. Recently much focus has also been on the characterization of novel ionic liquids and on research on their usability in separation techniques.

Person in charge: Dr. Susanne Wiedmer

Researchers: Antti Rantamäki, Suvi-Katriina Ruokonen, Joanna Witos