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Helsingin yliopisto Radiokemian laboratorio

Laboratory of Radiochemistry


Contact information:

A.I.Virtasen aukio 1 (PL 55)
00014 Helsingin yliopisto
tel. +358-2941-50120

Welcome to the Laboratory of Radiochemistry


The Laboratory of Radiochemistry is the only radiochemical university institute in Finland and is one of the largest radiochemistry university units worldwide. The main task of the laboratory is to teach and study the chemical behaviour and use of radionuclides as well as to educate new radiochemists for special assignments, e.g. the control of environmental radioactivity, nuclear safety, the safe management and disposal of nuclear waste, and the medical use of radionuclides The masterís degree programme in radiochemistry covers most aspects of radiochemistry. The courses comprise the principles of radioactivity, radiation safety, analytical chemistry of radionuclides, detection and measurement of radionuclides, radiation chemistry, environmental radioactivity, tracer techniques, chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, atmospheric radioactivity, chemistry of the uranium series in the environment and radiopharmaceutical chemistry. Every year two doctoral degrees and five masterís degrees in radiochemistry are granted on average.


Current matters: