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University of Helsinki Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

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Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 55

Research Instruments


Gas chromatographs
Varian 3900 for students
HP 5890 FID, NPD
HPLC instruments:  
Waters 990 analytical
Waters 996 analytical, semipreparative
Isco-Shimadzu preparative
UV-vis spectrometers:  
UV-Vis Genesys 10 UV S  
UV-Vis-NIR Varian Cary 5E  
IR spectrometers:  
FTIR PE Spectrum One diamond level
NMR spectrometers:  
Varian Mercury 300 1-H/13-C dual probe for routine measurements
Varian Inova 500 a three-channel instrument for NMR research

Instructions for the use of the Varian NMR instruments:

in Finnish

in English

Mass spectrometers:  
GC/MS Varian Saturn  
MS Jeol JMS SX-2 high resolution sector instrument
TOF-LC-MS PE Biosystems Mariner ESI, API, negative ions, automatic sampler
Other instruments:  
Polarimeter Jasco DIP-1000  
CEM Discover for microwave syntheses