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Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

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Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 55



Present research efforts center on organic synthesis on a wide front, including the use and development of computer aids, with interests both in target-oriented work and in new synthetic methods. The Laboratory has broken new ground in Finland in the comprehensive application of the various components of drug discovery. At present, an intensive drug discovery program is underway involving enzyme/inhibitor modelling work, target or diversity oriented synthesis planning, experimental synthetic work, and lead identification. A major goal is to develop strategies for multistep syntheses of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals, with special attention to the green chemistry aspects. The chemistry of lignin, a by-product of the pulping industry, continues to attract attention, much of the work being in fact specialized synthetic organic chemistry. Another major research group is working on the phytoestrogen anticancer compounds.