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Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
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The chair of organic chemistry carries the distinction of being the first chemistry professorship in the oldest university in Finland ; the present holder is the eleventh person to have been nominated for the post. P.A. Gadd and his nine successors have played a central role in the intervening years in Finnish science, industry and business.

Present research efforts center on organic synthesis on a wide front, including the use and development of computer aids, with interests both in target-oriented work and in new synthetic methods.

In advanced undergraduate teaching, the emphasis is on organic synthesis . Working in seminar type courses, the students receive practical training in the use of various reaction database, synthesis design and reaction simulation software. The undergraduates are also offered the full range of organic analytical techniques (UV, IR, NMR, MS, GC, HPLC, flash chromatography, etc.) in connection with the various laboratory courses and research projects. About one half of the advanced courses are given in English.