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Solid State Spectroscopy and Photochemistry Research Group
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 Laboratory of Physical Chemistry,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Helsinki
P.O. BOX 55 (A.I.Virtasen aukio 1),
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Fax: +358-9-19150279

Research publications of the group
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Formation of noble-gas hydrides and decay of solvated protons revisited: Diffusion-controlled reactions and hydrogen atom losses in solid noble gases
H. Tanskanen, L. Khriachtchev, A. Lignell, M. Räsänen, S. Johansson, I. Khyzhniy, and E. Savchenko, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 10, 2008, 692-701.

Solution properties of an aqueous poly(methacryl oxyethyl trimethylammonium chloride) and its poly(oxyethylene) grafted analogue.
T. Andersson, M. Sumela, L. Khriachtchev, M. Räsänen, V. Aseyev, H. Tenhu, J. Polymer Science B: Polymer Physics 46, 2008, 547-557.

Hindered rotation of HArF in solid argon: Infrared spectroscopy and a theoretical model
A. V. Bochenkova, L. Khriachtchev, A. Lignell, M. Räsänen, H. Lignell, A. A. Granovsky, and A. V. Nemukhin, Phys. Rev. B 77, 2008, 094301.

Free-standing SiO2 films containing Si nanocrystals directly suitable for transmission electron microscopy
S. Novikov, J. Sinkkonen, T. Nikitin, L. Khriachtchev, M. Räsänen, and E. Haimi, Microelectronics J. 39, 2008, 518-522.

A small neutral molecule with two noble-gas atoms: HXeOXeH
L. Khriachtchev, K. Isokoski, A. Cohen, M. Räsänen, and R. B. Gerber, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 2008, 6114-6118.

Rotational isomers of small molecules in noble-gas solids: From monomers to hydrogen-bonded complexes
L. Khriachtchev, J. Mol. Structure 880, 2008, 14-22.

Ion irradiation of carbon nanotubes encapsulating cobalt crystals
O. Lehtinen, L. Sun, T. Nikitin, A. V. Krasheninnikov, L. Khriachtchev, J. A. Rodríguez-Manzo, M. Terrones, F. Banhart and J. Keinonen, Physica E 40, 2008, 2618-2621.

Experimental and computational study of HXeY···HX complexes (X, Y = Cl and Br): An example of exceptionally large complexation effect.
A. Lignell, J. Lundell, L. Khriachtchev, and M. Räsänen, J. Phys. Chem. A, 112, 2008, 5486-5494.

Structural investigation of re-deposited layers in JET.
J. Likonen, E. Vainonen-Ahlgren, L. Khriachtchev, J. P. Coad, M. Rubel, T. Renvall, K. Arstila, and D. E. Hole, J. Nuc. Mater. 377, 2008, 486-491.

Intermolecular interactions involving noble-gas hydrides: Where the blue shift of vibrational frequency is a normal effect.
A. Lignell and L. Khriachtchev, J. Mol. Structure 889, 2008, 1-11.

Silicon nanocrystals in silica: Optical properties and laser-induced thermal effects.
L. Khriachtchev, in "Silicon Nanophotonics: Basic Principles, Present Status, and Perspectives", L. Khriachtchev (Ed.), (World Scientific Publishing, 2008), 297-326.

Optical properties of silicon nanocrystals in silica: Results from spectral filtering effect, m-line technique, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
L. Khriachtchev, T. Nikitin, C. J. Oton, R. Velagapudi, J. Sainio, J. Lahtinen, and S. Novikov, J. Appl. Phys. 104, 2008, 104316.