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Solid State Spectroscopy and Photochemistry Research Group
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 Laboratory of Physical Chemistry,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Helsinki
P.O. BOX 55 (A.I.Virtasen aukio 1),
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Fax: +358-9-19150279

Research publications of the group
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Tunable Wavelength-selective Waveguiding of Photoluminescence in Si-rich Silica Optical Wedges
L.Khriachtchev, M.Räsänen, S.Novikov and J.Lahtinen, J.Appl.Phys. 95 (2004) 7592-7601.

Formation of HArF in Solid Ar Revisited: Are Mobile Vacancies Involved into the Matrix-site Conversion at 30 K?
L.Khriachtchev, A.Lignell and M.Räsänen, J.Chem.Phys. 120 (2004) 3353-3357.

Photochemistry and Vibrational Spectroscopy of the trans and cis Conformers of Acetic Acid in Solid Ar
E.M.S.Macoas, L.Khriachtchev, R.Fausto and M.Räsänen, J.Phys.Chem. A 108 (2004) 3380-3389.

A Study on Stabilization of HHeF Molecule upon Complexation with Xe Atoms
A.Lignell, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson and M.Räsänen, Chem.Phys.Lett. 390 (2004) 256-260.

Photoinduced Ultrafast Dynamics of Ru(dcbpy)2(NCS)2-sensitized Nanocrystalline TiO2 Films: The Influence of Sample Preparation and Experimental Conditions
J.Kallioinen, G.Benkö, P.Myllyperkiö, L.Khriachtchev, B.Skårman, R.Wallenberg, M.Tuomikoski, J.Korppi-Tommola, V.Sundström and A.P.Yartsev, J.Phys.Chem. B 108 (2004) 6365-6373.

Wavelength-selective Optical Waveguiding of Photoluminescence in a Thermally Annealed Si/SiO2 Superlattice
L.Khriachtchev, S.Novikov, J.Lahtinen and M.Räsänen, J.Phys.: Condens.Matter 16 (2004) 3219-3228.

Infrared-induced Conformational Interconversion in Carboxylic Acids Isolated in Low-temperature Rare-gas Matrices
E.M.S.Macoas, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson, J.Lundell, R.Fausto and M. Räsänen, Vibr.Spectrosc. 34 (2004) 73-82.

Comment on "A Computational Study of the Novel Metastable Compound HKrSH" [S. A. McDowell, Chem. Phys. Lett. 372 (2003) 553-556]
J.Lundell, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson and M.Räsänen, Chem.Phys.Lett. 388 (2004) 228-229.

Rotational Isomerism of Acetic Acid Isolated in Rare-gas Matrices: Effect of Medium and Isotopic Substitution on IR-induced Isomerization Quantum Yield and cis to trans Tunneling Rate
E.M.S.Macoas, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson, R.Fausto and M.Räsänen, J.Chem.Phys. 121 (2004) 1331-1338.

Formation of HXeO in a Xenon Matrix: Indirect Evidence of Production, Trapping and Mobility of XeO (1Sigma+) in Solid Xe
T.Kiviniemi, M.Pettersson, L.Khriachtchev, M.Räsänen and N.Runeberg, J.Chem.Phys. 121 (2004) 1839-1848.

Effect of Hydrogen on Flaking of Carbon Films on Mo and W
K.Heinola, T.Ahlgren, W.Rydman, J.Likonen, L.Khriachtchev, J.Keinonen and C.H.Wu, Physica Scripta T108 (2004) 63-67.

Systematic Correlation between Raman Spectra, Photoluminescence Intensity and Absorption Coefficient of Silica Layers Containing Si Nanocrystals
L.Khriachtchev, M.Räsänen, S.Novikov and L.Pavesi, Appl.Phys.Lett. 85 (2004) 1511-1513.

Organo-noble-gas Hydride Compounds HKrCCH, HXeCCH, HXeCC, and HXeCCXeH: Formation Mechanisms and Effect of 13C Isotope Substitution on the Vibrational Properties
H.Tanskanen, L.Khriachtchev, J.Lundell and M.Räsänen, J.Chem.Phys. 121 (2004) 8291-8298.

Matrix Isolation and Quantum Chemical Studies on the H2O2-SO2 Complex
S.Pehkonen, J.Lundell, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson and M.Räsänen, Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 6 (2004) 4607-4613.

Theoretical study of the complex between formic acid and argon
P. Wawrzyniak, J. Panek, Z. Latajka and J. Lundell, J.Mol.Struct. 704 (2004) 297-304.