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Solid State Spectroscopy and Photochemistry Research Group
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 Laboratory of Physical Chemistry,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Helsinki
P.O. BOX 55 (A.I.Virtasen aukio 1),
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Fax: +358-9-19150279

Research publications of the group
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A More Stable Configuration of HArF in Solid Argon
L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson, A.Lignell and M.Räsänen, J.Am.Chem.Soc. 123 (2001) 8610-8611.

A Theoretical Study of HArF, a Newly Observed Neutral Argon Compound
N.Runeberg, M.Pettersson, L.Khriachtchev, J.Lundell and M.Räsänen, J.Chem.Phys. 114 (2001) 836-841.

Electron localization function (ELF) studies of the nature of binding in neutral rare-gas containing hydrides: HKrCN, HKrNC, HXeCN, HXeNC, HXeOH, and HXeSH
S.Berski, Z.Latajka, B.Silvi and J.Lundell, J.Chem.Phys. 114 (2001) 4349-4358.

Intermediate Reactions in Solid-state Photolysis
L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson, J.Lundell and M.Räsänen, J.Chem.Phys. 114 (2001) 7727-7730.

Lifetime and decomposition pathways of a chemically bound helium compound
G.M.Chaban, J.Lundell and R.B.Gerber, J.Chem.Phys. 115 (2001) 7341-7343.

A Matrix Isolation Spectroscopic and Quantum Chemical Study of Fumaric and Maleic Acid
E.M.S.Macoas, R.Fausto, J.Lundell, M.Pettersson, L.Khriachtchev and M.Räsänen, J.Phys.Chem. A 105 (2001) 3922-3933.

Emission of SH Radicals in Solid Krypton: Mixed Quantum-classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations
D.A.Firsov, B.L.Grigorenko, A.V.Nemukhin, L.Yu.Khriachtchev and M.O.Räsänen, Chem.Phys.Lett. 338 (2001) 317-322.

Quantum Chemical Calculations on FXeSiF
J.Lundell, J.Panek and Z.Latajka, Chem.Phys.Lett. 348 (2001) 147-154.

Matrix Isolation and Ab Initio Study of the Hydrogen-bonded H2O2-CO Complex
J.Lundell, S.Jolkkonen, L.Khriachtchev, M.Pettersson and M.Räsänen, Chem.Eur.J. 7 (2001) 1670-1678.

Substrate-dependent Crystallization and Enhancement of Visible Photoluminescence in Thermal Annealing of Si/SiO2 Superlattices
L.Khriachtchev, O.Kilpelä, S.Karirinne, J.Keränen and T.Lepistö, Appl.Phys.Lett. 78 (2001) 323-325.

Red Photoluminescence of Gold Island Films
L.Khriachtchev, L.Heikkilä and T.Kuusela, Appl.Phys.Lett. 78 (2001) 1994-1996.

Optical Gain in Si/SiO2 Lattice: Experimental Evidence with Nanosecond Pulses
L.Khriachtchev, M.Räsänen, S.Novikov and J.Sinkkonen, Appl.Phys.Lett. 79 (2001) 1249-1251.

Silicon Diffusion in Amorphous Carbon Films
E.Vainonen-Ahlgren, T.Ahlgren, L.Khriachtchev, J.Likonen, S.Lehto, J.Keinonen and C.H.Wu, J.Nucl.Mater. 290-293 (2001) 216-219.

B-C-N Coatings Prepared by Microwave Chemical Vapor Deposition
A.Stanishevsky, H.Li, A.Badzian, T.Badzian, W.Drawl, L. Khriachtchev and E.McDaniel, Thin Solid Films 398-399 (2001) 270-274.

Density Functional Studies of Hydrogen-bonded Systems. II. Solvation of the H2O-CO Complex by a Nonpolar Solvent
J. Lundell and Z. Latajka, Chem.Phys. 263 (2001) 221-230.

Photochemistry of H2S/SO2 Mixtures in Solid Krypton
E.Isoniemi, L.Khriachtchev, J.Lundell and M.Räsänen, J.Mol.Struct. 563-564 (2001) 261-265.

FT-IR Breath Test in the Diagnosis and Control of Treatment of Methanol Intoxications
O.Laakso, M.Haapala, P.Jaakkola, R.Laaksonen, K.Luomanmäki, J.Nieminen, M.Pettersson, H.Päivä, M.Räsänen and J.-J.Himberg, J.Anal.Toxicol. 25 (2001) 26-30.

Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for the Fast Identification of PVC-based Films
M.Laasonen, J.Rantanen, T.Harmia-Pulkkinen, E.Michiels, R.Hiltunen, M.Räsänen and H.Vuorela, Analyst 126 (2001) 1122-1128.

The nature of binding in HRgY compounds (Rg=Ar,Kr,Xe; Y=F,Cl) based on the topological analysis of the electron localization function (ELF)
S.Berski, B.Silvi, J.Lundell, S.Noury and Z.Latajka, New Trends in Quantum Chemistry and Physics, Vol.6; Basic Problems and Model Systems, Paris, France, 1999, Vol.1, J.Maruani, C.Minot, R.McWeeny, Y.G.Smeyers, S.Wilson (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2001, pp. 259-279.