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University of Helsinki
Solid State Spectroscopy and Photochemistry Research Group
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Contact address:
 Laboratory of Physical Chemistry,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Helsinki
P.O. BOX 55 (A.I.Virtasen aukio 1),
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Fax: +358-9-19150279

Members of the research group
Docent, Dr. Leonid Khriachtchev

Room : B417
Phone : +358-2941 50310
Email: leonid.khriachtchev (AT)
Dr. Luis Duarte

Room : B407
Email: luis.duarte (AT)
M.Sc. Sergey Ryazantsev

Room : B407
M.Sc. Cheng Zhu

Room : B407
Email: cheng.zhu (AT)
Professor Emeritus Markku Räsänen

Room : B427
Email : markku.rasanen (AT)