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13th ICQC, 22-27 June 2009, Helsinki, Finland

    Contact Information:

    General information:
      Congress bureau Tavicon Oy.
      icqc2009 [at] tavicon.fi

    Abstract submission:
     abs-icqc09 [at] helsinki.fi

    This web-page:
     teopze [at] chem.helsinki.fi

    Anything else:
     icqc [at] chem.helsinki.fi

Some Arrival Instructions for the 13-ICQC


1. Ground transport from the Airport:

a) Bus 615/615T/615N will take you to the city centre for 4 Euro. You can use the same ticket for continuing your travel in the Helsinki region. Within Helsinki, a separate ticket costs 2.50 Euro. In both buses, you pay to the driver. The Journey Planner is available here.

b) A slightly faster alternative is the Finnair bus (5.90 Euro). Credit cards and cash accepted.

Both buses go to the Railway Station, fairly close to most hotels, and the conference site.

c) Taxis from airport to downtown are expected to cost some 35 Euro. They are metered. Passengers can always pay with cash but credit cards are also accepted. If the taxi queue is long, take a bus.

d) Limousines (group taxis) are slightly cheaper per individual.

2. Tipping: Not needed in taxis. In restaurants, included in your bill.

3. Currency: Euro. The up-to-date currency rates are given here. Cash dispensers are available at the exit (after customs) at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

4. Electricity: 230 V/50Hz. European continental socket (two round pins, plugs C & F). Bring adapter, if necessary. You may also need a voltage converter in order to use certain U.S. appliances.

5. Water: Potable. Actually very good, the tap water has the quality of flat mineral water.

6. Eye-shades: If you are not used to sleeping in daylight, bring eye-shades. The night, if any, is very short and not all rooms have dark curtains.

7. Safety: Helsinki is usually very safe. During recent summers some cases of pick-pocketing, or thieves in university premises, have occurred. Use normal prudence.

8. Restaurants. Look at the dots in http://www.eat.fi/en/helsinki. This on-line service tells which restaurants are now open. Green: kitchen open, blue: lunch. The ranking on the right are customer evaluations (1-5).

We are working on a brief list of suggestions for the lunch breaks on Tuesday to Friday. Our own list will have the classes:

  • Square one: University canteens
  • Fast food and casual
  • Ethnic
  • Mid-range
  • Classy

9. Sight-seeing. One useful starting point, with free leaflets and maps, is the City tourist office, Northern Esplanade (Pohjoisesplanaadi) 19, www.hel2.fi/tourism. If you have a free day, or more, consider buying a "Helsinki card". For on-line tourist information in ten languages, see www.helsinkiexpert.fi.

10. Special comments: From Friday afternoon, 19 June, to Sunday evening, 21 June, the city will be very quiet. Perhaps the majority of the inhabitants have gone to the countryside to celebrate Mid-Summer. Don't be surprised. The hotels will still be open as your watering holes. The following week-end will have a rock-and-roll festival "Tuska" ("The Pain") and lots of people.

11. Poster instructions: The boards will be 95 cm wide and 115 cm tall. Pin attachment.

12. Next square: We repeat that registration will open at 12 noon on Monday, 22 June, at the Porthania building, Yliopistonkatu 3. The Opening session is in the Great Hall of the adjacent University Main Building at 16:00 to 18:00 on Monday.

13. Weather : The current weather (on 16 June) is windy, rainy and cold, even by local standards. Daytime temperatures are around 15 C. Next week may be different. See web page CLICK

14. Lockers: Both the Porthania building and the main building have smallish lockers, operated on 2 Euro coins, returned after use. They must be emptied every night.

15. WLAN exists in both buildings. The members of the conference will receive a personal, temporary user-ID and password.