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Reaction Kinetics and Oxidation Chemistry


Contact Information

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
A.I. Virtasen aukio 1
(P.O. BOX 55)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Group leader

Academy research fellow
Arkke Eskola, Ph.D.
Phone: +358 2941 50288
e-mail: arkke.eskola (AT)

A photo from our laboratory. Persons from the left: Matti Rissanen, Arkke Eskola, Raimo Timonen, Suula Arppe, and Erkki Halme.

The research interests of the group focus on free radical reaction kinetics and oxidation chemistry in gas-phase under low-temperature combustion and atmospheric conditions. Kinetics of free radical reactions are studied in time-resolved manner using a laminar flow reactor which is coupled to a photoionization quadrupole mass spectrometer. Radicals are produced and reactions initiated photolytically and reactions are investigated as a function of temperature and pressure. New experimental apparatus is under construction to study and produce labile oxygenated compounds which are important intermediates under low-temperature combustion and atmospheric conditions. The kinetic and oxidation chemistry data obtained using these instruments are important for modelling and understanding combustion processes and atmospheric reaction chemistry.