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Laboratory of Physical Chemistry


Contact Information

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
A.I. Virtasen aukio 1
(P.O. BOX 55)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Head of the laboratory
Prof. Lauri Halonen
Phone: +358(0)2941 50280
email: lauri.halonen

Chloé Springare
Phone: +358(0)2941 50260
email: chloe.springare



The laboratory provides courses in physical chemistry at intermediate and advanced levels. These courses include both lectures and practical laboratory work. The aim of theintermediate courses is to give the students a solid background in the physical foundations of chemistry while simultaneously showing them a glimpse of the current research in the field.

The advanced courses deal with topics that are connected with the research of the laboratory. These topics include quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, reaction kinetics and laser-based techniques in chemistry.

For the detailed schedule see the study guide or the relevant page of the Department of Chemistry (both in Finnish). Below you will find a list of the courses taught at the laboratory along with links to the course homepages. The credits are in accordance with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Intermediate studies

Structure of atoms and molecules (5 credits)
Thermodynamics and dynamics (5 credits)
Mathematics for chemists (5 credits)
Physical chemistry laboratory course (4 credits)
Computational chemistry (4 credits)

Advanced studies

Reaction kinetics (5 credits)
Quantum chemistry (5 credits)
Spectroscopy (5 credits)
Mathematic and numeric methods (3 credits)
Laser chemistry (3 credits)
FTIR-spectroscopy (3 credits)
Computational chemistry (3 credits)
Photochemistry (3 credits)
Astrochemistry(3 credits)
Electrochemistry (3 credits)
Molecular Interactions (3 credits)
Molecular properties (3 credits)
Biophysical chemistry (3 credits)
Introduction to atmospheric chemistry (3 credits)
Atmospheric chemistry (3 credits)
Statistical mechanics (3 credits)
Advanced laboratory course in physical chemistry (7 credits)
Molecular modelling (3 credits)
Experimental techniques in chemistry (3 credits)
Surface chemistry and catalysis (3 credits)