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Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
(A.I.Virtasen aukio 1)
P.O. Box 55
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Head of the Laboratory
Markku Leskelä
Phone: +358-2941 50195

Mrs. Raija Jussila
Phone: +358-2941 50197



Markku Leskelä

Markku Leskelä, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

email: Markku.Leskela(at)
tel: +358-2941 50195
Department of Chemistry
PO Box 55
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Markku Leskela (born 1950) received his M.Sc. degree in 1974 and Ph.D. in 1980 from Helsinki University of Technology, both in inorganic chemistry. During 1980-86 he worked as associate professor in University of Oulu and during 1986-1990 as professor in University of Turku. Since 1990 he has hold the present position as professor of inorganic chemistry at University of Helsinki. During 2004-2009 he acted as Academy Professor. He has worked as a visiting scientist or professor in University of Utrecht (1983), University of Florida (1987-88) and University of Paris VI (1999).

His research activities include thin films and other nanostructured materials made by various chemical methods (Atomic Layer Deposition, electrodeposition and Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction) for various applications in micro- and optoelectronics. The studies include all stages in film growth from precursor synthesis to applications. He is the director of Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atomic Layer Deposition (2012-2017). His other research topic is catalysis where the focus is in activation of small molecules by metal complexes in homogeneous systems. The molecules studied include ethene, propene (olefin polymerization), dioxygen, dihydrogen and carbon dioxide. The use of biomass (lignocellulose) as raw material has been an important part of the research. He served as a vice-head for the Nano- and biopolymer research group Finnish Centre of Excellence (2002-2007). He has published over 650 peer reviewed papers, 60 reviews, over 90 conference proceedings papers and holds several patents. In 2004 he was nominated as ISI Highly Cited Author in the field of materials science. He has participated in organization of numerous international conferences and he has also given numerous invited talks in the conferences.

Markku Leskelä has had several positions of trust in the University of Helsinki such as member of the Council of the Faculty of Science (1990-94), member of the education council (1995-1997), member of the scientific council and committee for research funding (2004-2007), and member of the board (2010-2017).

Markku Leskelä is a member of the following professional societies: Finnish Chemical Society (1973), International Confederation for Thermal Analysis (1980), American Vacuum Society (1989), American Chemical Society (1994) and Materials Research Society (1995). He has been a member of the board of the Finnish Chemical Society 1990-2011 (chairman 1995-1996), and a member of the board of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies 1994-2012. He has been member of the Scientific Council of Chemical Industry Federation in Finland (1994 – 2000 and 2005-2010), Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (1994 -99 and 2008-2016) and Council of Finnish Academies (2008 – 2010 and 2014-2016). He has been a council member of International Confederation for Thermal Analysis (1985-1992) and he is a titular member in Division II (Inorganic Chemistry) of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2008-2017). He is a board member of several foundations.

Markku Leskelä is member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (1991; secretary of the chemistry chapter 1994 – 2003; chairman 2004 - 2008), Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences (1996) and Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters (2005; chairman of the division for physical sciences 2014-2016). He received the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation Award in Chemistry 2002; SVR 1 2005, A.I Virtanen award 2011, American Vacuum Society ALD award 2012, Honorary award of Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters 2014, Honorary membership of Finnish Chemical Society 2014.

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