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Department of Chemistry
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Environmental Research

With the present heightened concern about the environment and pollution, as well as tightening environmental legislation, high hopes are being pinned on discoveries and innovation in science and technology. In the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry these hopes are being addressed by taking ”green chemistry” ideology into account in the development of analytical instrumentation and methods. Wherever possible, harmful organic solvents are replaced by environmentally friendly supercritical fluids (CO2 and water) or pressurised hot water in sample pre-treatment, analytical separations and reactions. The laboratory is also developing better and more efficient techniques and methods for environmental analysis, to solve a variety of environmental problems and to shed light on research areas where these are needed. These techniques and methods are widely applied to qualitative and quantitative analysis of environmental samples (water, plants, soils, sediments and aerosol particles).

Professors and University Lecturers in charge
Prof. Marja-Liisa Riekkola  
Prof. Tapio Kotiaho  
Doc. Kari Hartonen