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Utilization of Supercritical Fluids and High Temperature Water in Chemistry


The environment and its pollution are a cause of increasing concern. Finding alternative techniques and processes that at the same time are effective, economic, safe, environmentally friendly and practical is important. In laboratory scale, new knowledge and advanced techniques have made it possible to replace traditional analytical and chemical methods relying on hazardous organic solvents by alternative approaches that reduce or eliminate the need for organic chemicals. In addition to the environmental issues, improving the efficiency and reliability of techniques and reducing the total process or analysis time are of major importance.These techniques can be utilised in large-scale operation as well.


Aim of the research is to apply supercritical fluids (water and CO2) and high temperature water as an environmentally friendly alternatives for organic solvents and reagents in extraction, separations and reactions. In addition, new applications, products, methods and processes are continuously seeked, where these alternative solvents could be utilized.





Instrumentation for the In-Situ Determination of Chemical Composition of Fine Particles


Analysis of chemical composition of aerosol particles is an important aspect in aerosol science. It is known that these particles have major impact to world’s climate. An instrument that could measure composition of nucleation mode particles would shed light on the problem of how new particles are formed and which substances are involved in the formation process.


The main objective of the project is to develop a portable aerosol mass spectrometer that gives real time information of chemical composition of aerosol particles from nucleation mode to accumulation mode. For this kind of instrument wide variety of other applications can be found. As a real time and continuous system, instrument can be used to monitor, for example, air quality, chemical and biological weapons and narcotics. Also major technical and scientific achievements are expected.


  Aerosol nanoparticles